Hanja Index Learning Korean Vocabulary

Morning Lands' Hanja Index

Learning Korean means learning a lot of words. Luckily there are a few ways to learn Korean vocabulary and one of those ways is learning new words with Hanja. Hanja are the Chinese characters in which Korean was written prior to the creation of Hangeul by King Sejong the Great. While today Korean no longer uses them as a way to write, they still have their practical uses.

Also for Korean language learners Hanja can be a great tool to truly start to understand a Korean word. Many Korean words have a very nuanced difference between each other and they offer a great way to truly see that difference. Therefore learning a bit of these Chinese characters can be a good thing.

When I say learn a bit of these characters, I don’t mean you should learn the Hanja themselves. They only have a real use for those who want have an interest ancient Korean literature or Korean history. For the common Korean language learner a more passive knowledge is enough.

Instead you can learn words in clusters centered around each Hanja so you better understand the words you are learning. Slowly you will start to more easily understand the more advanced and nuanced vocabulary that lies ahead of you. To do this Morning Lands started a series called “Hanja Word Drill” and this page is a quick way to find all those individual word drills based on the single characters.

The index will slowly fill up with new Hanja. They will be introduced in order of the Korean Hanja reading grades starting with the current reading grade 8.

Let’s start learning Korean together!

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