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Particle: The Possessive -의 0

Particle: The Possessive -의

Time to return to some good old basics, the Korean particles. It seems I kind of neglected writing articles on these critical little elements in Korean grammar. One of today’s topics is an easy...

The Subject Particle 이/가 0

Particle: The Subject Particle 이/가

I already discussed the topic particle 은/는; now we need to discuss the subject particle 이/가. This is a basic particle that most Koreans will tackle early in their quest to master Korean. Time...

The Topic Particle 은/는 0

Particle: The Topic Particle 은 / 는

Like Japanese, Korean uses particles to make sense of the words in a sentence. The first Korean particle we are going to discuss is the topic particle 은 / 는. Like many Korean grammar...