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Reason And Cause: 때문에 0

Reason And Cause: 때문에

After a week of slowing down on Korean grammar, it is time to return to it. I’m returning to it with the grammar pattern 때문에, which is in many ways the same as the...

Time and Reason: -어/아서 0

Time and Reason: -어/아서

Time to talk about a very basic Korean grammar expression you have probably seen everywhere: -어/아서. You can use this grammar pattern for both expressing time, reason or cause. It is pretty nifty expression and...

Reason, Cause and Discovery: -(으)니까 0

Surprise and Reason: -(으)니까

If there is one verb ending that has confounded me it is the verb ending I want to discuss now -(으)니까. It is, in my opinion, such a often used verb ending and most of...