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Tense: The Past Perfect Tense 3

Tense: The Past Perfect Tense

Time to finish up the Korean tenses. The last tense I’m going to discuss is the Korean past perfect tense. This tense might sound familiar to the English past perfect, but it is not...

Tense: The Past Tense 0

Tense: The Past Tense

We just covered how to of the Korean present tense, so it is only natural that we cover the Korean past tense. The past tense in Korean is very easy to learn; especially if you’ve already...

Tense: The Present Tense 2

Tense: The Present Tense

A while ago I wrote about the progressive tense -고 있다. Today I decided to write about the first tense any learner will have to face, the Korean present tense. The tenses in Korean...